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Journal of Studies of Ethnic Literature (SEL)
The Journal was founded in November 1983. The current Editor-in-chief is Prof. GUAN, Jixin...
Book Review: Oral Poetics: Formulaic Diction of Arimpil
Chao Geji朝戈金. Kochuan shishi xue: Ranpile "Jiangge"er"chengshi jufa yanjiu 口传史诗诗学...
Thangka Paintings: An Illustrated Manual of the Tibetan Epic Gesar
The intention of our compilation of this illustrated album of the epic lies in the follwing considerations...
Chao Gejin
Chao Gejin (Chogjin) is a Mongolian from Hohhot, received his Ph.D. in Folklore from Beijing Normal University. He serves as Senior Researcher as well as Deputy Director of Institute of Ethnic Literature, CASS...
Lang Ying is Han. She was educated at Central Institute for Nationalities with distinction of Uygur language and literature from 1960 to 1965.
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