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Lang Ying
 Lang Ying  is Han. She was educated at Central Institute for Nationalities with distinction of Uygur language and literature from 1960 to 1965. She is Senior Researcher as well as Deputy Director of Institute of Ethnic Literature, CASS. Her works devoted to the Uygur Literature, Turkic literature and China northern epic studies, such as Ma-na-si: zhongguo shaoshu minzu yingxiong shishi (Manas: A Hero Epic from China Ethnic Minority Traditions, 1990), Ma-na-si lunxi (Manas: Comments and Analysis, 1991), Fule Zhihui yu dongxifang wenhua (Kudathu Bilik [Wisdom of Felicity and Happiness] and Oriental-Western Cultures, 1992), Ma-na-si lun (On Epic Manas, 1999); and she coauthored ke-er-ke-zi zu minjian wenxue gailan (A General Survey of Kirghiz Folk Literature, 1992).
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